Tips and Tricks


Here's some great tips concerning bee-keeping:

  • Know what you are looking for before you open your hive;
  • Never put your hive tool down;
  • Breed your own queens and benefit from our rich gene pool;
  • Avoid 'stressing' your bees ;
  • No passengers - cut your losses in autumn and don't wait until the spring;
  • Think 'Hygiene' - disinfect overwintering supers, keep the apiary clear of scrapings and old comb, burn old frames;
  • Viruses encouraged by heavy varroa mite infestation will destroy weak colonies;
  • Treat hives routinely and diligently in spring and autumn with Apistan strips (or your favoured alternative) ;
  • Check drone brood in spring for varroa mites;
  • Ensure hives are clean and old damaged frames and comb are replaced and ventilation is assured;
  • Ensure adequate stores are left in the hive for the winter and if necessary feed during August and September;
  • You can contact the association committee if you have any query regarding proposed spraying or spray damage to bee colonies.

Remember to check with the bee keeper members for more great tips!

About Easter Ross Bees

The Easter Ross Beekeepers Association is a community of bee-keepers based in Tain, Ross-shire in  Scotland.